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How to get to Lefkada by car.

Lefkada is the only island in the Ionian Sea that is accessible by car from the mainland. Due to its short distance from the shore of Akarnania in central Greece, the island is linked to the mainland with a 50 metre bridge. The free pass of the bridge makes visiting Lefkada by car even more tempting. There are different ways to drive to the island depending on where you are travelling from.

If you are heading to Lefkada from the north of Greece, the Balkans or eastern Europe, then you’ll have to drive the newly constructed Egnatia Highway all the way to Ioannina where you continue to drive the new Ionian highway to Igoumenitsa and then to Preveza . From Preveza  you cross the underwater tunnel of Aktio. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to admire the life underwater when you are in the tunnel. But it is still the most convenient way to reach the island. When you exit the tunnel, you need to drive 20 kilometres more before you arrive in Lefkada Town.

If you are travelling from the South, then you will have to cross the large bridge of Rio-Antirio. The tolls there might be quite expensive, but there are no more tolls after the bridge and all the way to the island. You could try the old mountainous roads if you want to avoid the tolls, but we highly recommend crossing the bridge as this is the fastest, but more importantly the safest way from Athens and anywhere in the south.

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